About Us


Since 1998, Sequoia Deaf School has been on a mission of educating K-12 Deaf and hard of hearing students in a bilingual/bicultural environment.  Our students learn both American Sign Language (ASL) and written English.  They learn the history of both the hearing and Deaf cultures.  Sequoia Deaf School provides students with Deaf role models and encourage community involvement.  In addition, Sequoia Deaf School offers students the resources they need to jump start their college education, play sports, reach out to their community, and become well rounded and well educated adults.

Sequoia Deaf School’s unique bilingual-bicultural approach to Deaf education empowers students with the knowledge that they can do anything and everything  except hear.

Sharing the Horne Campus with hearing schools provides a powerhouse of resources and opportunities for our students and is also an integral part of the educational philosophy at Sequoia Deaf School. Deaf students take some classes with their hearing peers to enhance their comfort and knowledge of both the hearing and Deaf cultures.